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Waiting for Dawn

Gleaming in the Twilight

Chris Azure
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When Chris Azure came into this world, they didn't know what to think. They'd tried to summon the great world-consuming demons of the Edinburgh Beyond, but someone pronounced one of the words wrong, and Chris appeared instead.

He is not a demon hunter, and his powers are a mystery. Some say he has the uncanny ability to track down free booze, but the truth is, it's the free booze that tracks him down. The motives of the free booze are unclear.

He lived in Scotland for ten years, until one day he suddenly realised he could move to warmer climes, and spent many, many years in Hong Kong, a city that has never left his heart. Why he lingered in grimy New York for so long is a mystery to all, but he's now in the even muggier climes of Saigon, Vietnam, and having the time of his life.

In some circles, he goes by the name Chris Miller, but whenever he wants to be noticed, it's Chris Azure.

He is a writer of fantasy and occasional sf.

Published works:

Dragonfly Heights, Coyote Wild, Spring 2007

The Spider's Lament, Aoife's Kiss, March 2007

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