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Viable Paradise - Day 1

Okay, well this is my second night here, and I actually have a little time (sacrificing about 30 precious minutes of sleep) to give a little writeup.

I almost didn't make it to Martha's Vineyard on Sunday at all. Got on the plane in New York just fine, then we taxied to the runway. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the captain came on the intercom to say "There's a message on my screen I haven't seen before. We'll have to take the plane back to the terminal for maintenance". Very promising. They buggered about with the plane for two hours before finally leaving. Fortunately, I'd included a 2 hour buffer zone between flight and bus so made it okay.

On the bus, met a couple of people also heading to VP (Evelyn Brown & Barbara Gordon), then on the ferry met both my roommates (Evan Goer and Bart Patton), and John Chu, who'd critiqued Dragonfly Heights when it was on critters. Met everyone else later, at the Island Inn, of course.

The Island Inn is awesome, sort of like a semi-rustic timeshare - maybe a combo between a timeshare and a log cabin, if you can imagine that.

Our first evening involved a BBQ, followed by introductions, where we each got a "gift". Mine was a grey plastic rat with red eyes. We now have to do a writing assignment involving that toy, among other things. Then we were introduced to "Mafia" and "Thing". I didn't really like Mafia too much, but Thing is a fantastic game (based on the movie "The Thing").

Then we had to read and critique about 20,000 words before the next morning. Lots of fun!