Chris Azure (garunya) wrote,
Chris Azure

A long time ago, in a Room 50 far, far away...

Wow... 5 years since VPX. It was my most amazing experience in America, and I miss all of you!
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Geez, man. I can't believe it's been that long. Miss you much (and all my other VPals)!
Yeah, it still seems like only yesterday sometimes...
Wish we could arrange a reunion. I'd love to catch up with everyone. I'm having coffee with Evan on Sunday, that'll have to do. ;)

It was a transformative experience for me even if I eventually decided fiction was not my forté.
A reunion would be great. One of these days I'll get back over to your side of the world for a visit and we'll have a big one
Okay. I just have set a reminder to trigger in four years: "Start planning ten-year VPX reunion." :)
I'll be there! (hopefully before that too, but definitely need to put aside some time for the 10th!)
Crazy, huh? Miss you too!
Yep, I've got to get back over someday...5th anniversary would have been a good time for that, but it just wasn't possible in the end... perhaps I'll make it for the 7th or 8th anniversary (hope I don't need to wait till the 10th!)
Room 50!

It was my most amazing experience in America, too!

I miss our tribe.
It is in my top 5 of the whole world (only certain things such as getting married to Nhu and Malcolm's birth manage to top it) :D
I miss you guys....

Maybe we can hit a Worldcon together sometime?
London 2014! (well, it's just a bid at the moment, but seems like a good idea to me) ;)
I'll be there (and I'm quite sure it'll win!). Mini-reunion!
I have relatives in the UK I could impose on...

Man, my first Worldcon was Brighton, 1979. Time, it flies.
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it