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Welcome to Saigon Sunsets

I’ve been in Vietnam for over three years now, and while I’ve written a fair bit about my experiences here (as have many), the focus has always been on myself and the people close to me. Which is fine, and I’m not about to stop doing that, but I thought that, since the new year is coming, it might be nice to try something a little different. Step away from myself, as it were… look around me, at the place I’ve been staying in for the past several years, maybe reflect on that a little bit…

So, for the next year at least, my plan is to write this blog, twice a week, focusing on aspects of Vietnam (and Saigon in particular) that stand out – small aspects of culture and society, maybe little bits of geography, anything that I feel is a reflection of the place itself, rather than of me…

Now, of course, in a way, it’s still going to be about me – I’m the one doing the writing, the reflection, after all, and there’s no getting away from that. Many of my observations, too, will come from my experiences with my Vietnamese family, where obviously I’ve learnt the most of what I know. But I hope to vary things up a bit – some from the small family angle, others from a rather broader scope.

Naturally, this blog should not by any means be taken as a definitive account of Vietnamese culture. It’s not, and it never will be… it will be a blog of the Vietnamese culture, filtered through myself, based on my understanding (albeit informed by others more knowledgable, particularly my wife) and shaped by my own interests and biases. Some things might seem a bit too obvious to some of you, others too obscure to care about. Similarly, some entries may be longwinded, others may be too concise. But I hope that, at least most of the time, I’ll find a reasonable balance between the two.

If you can learn something from these posts, excellent, though to bring it back to myself despite my previous statements, the biggest value in this for myself may be seeing what I myself understand from this whole experience…

My first real post will come next week, during the first week of 2011.  Do feel free to comment… I’ll be interested to see how this experiment goes…

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