Chris Azure (garunya) wrote,
Chris Azure

I Write Like...

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I wonder how it feels to have become a meme?

That's kind of awesome! ^_^

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Thanks Nora... I've updated it to include her blog posts.
You only *wish* you wrote that good! I know, because that's what I wish, too :)
Yep, hence my edits of the tagline at the end :D
That kind of kicks ass. Thanks for the link.
Odd - I was sure I posted a comment on this yesterday but it's disappeared. I basically ranted, not at the originator of the meme (who has, in effect, already been skewered by the responses you linked to), but about the fact that simply because one person creates some questionnaire, based on who knows what level of knowledge, this suddenly becomes in some way "offical", meaningful, universally applicable. It's why I rarely participate in this type of meme - I don't like to promulgate the opinions of one person as if there is some impersonal and absolute analysis going on. There isn't. I could create a meme like this quite easily, but would it make it somehow "valid"? Of course not.