Chris Azure (garunya) wrote,
Chris Azure

A quick note from Taiwan

In Tainan with justin_pilon, and this bar has wifi, so here's a quick note. Taiwan is an excellent place, and having a lot of fun. It has currently reminded me of Kuala Lumpur, Japan, Singapore, and even Vietnam, but curiously not HK. However, despite these reminders, it is it's own unique place and well worth visiting. Oh, and I find it hilarious that Justin thinks the traffic in Tainan is crazy. Clearly he'll have a fun time whenever he makes it to Saigon ;)

Off to explore the east coast tomorrow, and will write more later.

BTW, just for bogwitch64, I have not hugged Justin for you, but we have ridden internal combustion engines with wheels through the city together, so surely that's enough!
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